Innovative Policies on Air Pollution Control in China - A Case Study of the Relationship between Environmental Changes and Health Conditions in China

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJPH.2013.04.04.Art060

Authors : Zubairu Aishat Gimbiya


China has seen the fastest rate of growth and development in recent times. Despite this reality, there has been a disconnect between the development of the economy and the welfare of the citizenry, and while we saw policies in place aimed at driving economic growth and development, a comprehensive policy aimed at protecting environmental health was either non-existent or poorly implemented.

The importance of the environment cannot be overemphasized especially with respect to China and the many changes it has encountered over the past couple of decades.

China has seen a great deal of development happen rapidly, numerous policy changes over a short period of time and most importantly, a direct impact on the health and welfare of the citizens.

This study aims to look at the policies driving innovation and development, the extent of implementation of said policies as well as the effect on the everyday Chinese and what measures are in place to curtail the negative effect of such changes and the extent of implementation of said measures.

We strive to establish an imbalance in the rate of development across all sectors of the economy leading to a negative effect, especially on health and welfare as well as life expectancy, quality of life and death toll.

Keywords: Air pollution; Innovative policies; China; Health.


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