Education for Internationalism with Respect to Globalization, Modernization, and Multiculturalism

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJPH.2013.05.04.Art032

Authors : Abdulai Abdul Malik


There is no agreed construction of an acceptable inclusive definition of term international education. The term therefore is ambiguous as it appears to refer to contrasting usages in educational studies. The terminology most often discussed in the context of the fields that are related to comparative education, but a different sense of the term has also developed in the context of the theory and practice of education in international schools and other institutions (Cambridge* et al., 2004). This write up will therefore explore the different perspectives of the terminology. International education will also be discussed with with respect to globalization, modernization, and multiculturalism. A comparative analysis of education in USA and Japan with respect to the constitutional provision, administration, finance and educational structure will also be discussed.


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