The Awareness and Uptake of Cervical Cancer Screening Among Female Nurses in Enugu, South-East, Nigeria

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJPH.2013.08.02.Art018

Authors : Joseph Tochukwu Enebe, Enebe NO, Eze FO, Ajah LO, Ajah MI, Nweze SO


Introduction: Cervical cancer is a major cause of morbidity and mortality in women especially in developing countries. Cervical cancer screening is a cost-effective method of detecting pre-malignant and malignant lesions of the cervix. Nurses could serve as health educators on cervical cancer screening hence the need to determine their knowledge and uptake of the screening. The objective of the study was to determine the level of awareness and uptake of cervical cancer screening among female nurses in Enugu.

Methods: A cross-sectional analytical study of 182 eligible female nurses in different health facilities in Enugu was undertaken. A structured self-administered questionnaire was used for data collection. Data was analyzed using SPSS version 20.

Results: Majority of the respondents was aware (98%) and had good knowledge (95.6%) of cervical cancer screening. Only a small proportion (19.8%) of the nurses had cervical cancer screening. More so, a paltry 3.3% of the nurses had cervical cancer screening for the second time. Most (68.7%) of the respondents were aware of the availability of cervical cancer screening facilities in Enugu. Major reasons for non-screening were fear of complications (36.3%) and high cost of screening (16.4%). The respondents suggested that uptake of the cervical cancer screening could be achieved through workshops/seminars (51.1%), religious activities (49.5%), mass media (31.9%) and conferences (28.0%).

Conclusion: Despite the high awareness of cervical cancer screening among female nurses in Enugu, the uptake of cervical cancer screening was low. There is need for policy formulation that is aimed at reversing this ugly trend.


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