Evaluation of Antidiabetic Potential of Methanolic Extract of Myristica fragrans (Mace) and Cinnamomum Verum- A Comparative in Vitro Study

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DOI: 10.21522/TIJPH.2013.SE.24.01.Art019

Authors : Gayathri R, Vishnu Priya Veeraraghavan, Kavitha. S, J. Selvaraj, Sheron Blessy


Myristica fragrans (mace) and Cinnamomum verum are traditional medicinal plants which are used as spices in flavouring of food. They exhibit various medicinal properties. Diabetes is a condition that impairs the body’s ability to process blood sugar levels. Anti-diabetic drugs are used to stabilize and control blood glucose levels. From the study, it was evident that the methanolic extract of Myristica fragrans (mace) exhibited significantly increased antioxidant and anti-diabetic potential when compared to that of Cinnamomum verum.


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