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Our Pricing Plans

Pricing details are very simple and affordable for every student
  • TAU
    $ 100 / Article
    • The commercials for the Scholars of Texila American University to publish their article in our journal
    $ 150 / Article
    • The commercials for the Non Texila American University Scholars to publish their article in our journal

Advantages of Publishing Article

Reach more researchers, readers and professors

We'll publish your article on Journal, your research study will reach more peoples & get exposure in the research field. It also help to improve writing and research skills.


Digital Object Identifier, is like a digital fingerprint. Each publishing article will receive unique identity number while publishing, and it can be used to identify the article throughout its lifespan.


Indexation of a journal is considered a reflection of its quality. Indexed journals are considered to be of higher scientific quality as compared to non-indexed journals. Indexing will help your journal achieve its main purpose of being accessible to a wide audience.

Make a boost

We help you promote your original reseach work. We promote selected research articles to the global scientific media and our marketing teams highlight articles online - our social media channels reach more million peoples.

Get peer reviewed

We value peer reviewers who determine the validity, significance and originality of submitted articles, whose expert suggestions help you improve your research and manuscript.

Widen article outreach

Our access programs give your article the widest possible outreach, including to the general public.

Job Oriented

One of the most obvious advantages of publishing a paper is the additional line it provides on your CV - a very important line! In fact, the more of these lines there are on your CV, the more attractive it will appear to prospective employers, particularly if those employers are academic institutions.


Another reason for publishing in academia is the need to get your name out in the field, and build your academic reputation. You may have found a cure for the common cold or discovered that the earth is flat, so get out there and tell everyone!